Blogmas Day Five

Hello Sweets! 

     This post will be short and to the point. I AM AWKWARD. So since I’ve started the new job, been there for like 5 months, I decided it’d be fun to sign up for the Secret Santa exchange. Of course I picked one of our supervisors. Her list however was easy. It was candles, snowmen, and Caramello bars. Literally the hardest part of the whole list was the candy bar. I swear I’ve never had such a hard time finding something before. Checked Target, Kroger, Meijer. Nothing. Then I was at Joann Fabrics and there it was. I swear I almost screamed in joy (actually might have). So I was set for the first small gift, now I just needed the other two. While wandering around Menards I found the other two, a bigger Caramello bar and a snowman! I quickly snatched them up and declared I was done. (Also had some smaller chocolates to stash in there with them too.)

Now I just had to wrap them. My wrapping skills leave something to be desired but I’m actually pretty proud of the job I did. I went ahead and made them all match and used tissue paper to wrap them instead of wrapping paper. Added a few cutesy tags and ribbon. Giving them that final little touch of something. 

I’m delivering the first of them tomorrow and can’t wait to get my first one as well!! 

Yours secretly, Jel


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