Blogmas Day Four

Hello Sweets! 

   So yesterday day’s project took longer than I thought it would to finish thus no post yesterday. But it’s done and it’s time for a crafty blog post! Because why not? It’s fun, it’s easy. And I had all the supplies minus wood. So this isn’t going to be step by step because I forgot pictures of steps but I will detail each one and include the pictures i do have.

                CHRISTMAS STRING ART

Supplies needed:

  1. String (we used cross stitch thread)
  2. Nails
  3. Wood
  4. Wood stain (we used a reddish colored one)
  5. Paint (this is optional)
  6. Newspaper
  7. Brushes (old socks for stain work)
  8. A hammer

Step One: Find your design. There are tons out there and an idea of what you’re doing will help you decide the rest. I’ve added a picture of the patterns we used. 

Step Two: Now grab your socks and stain. And again that wood. Depending on your wood pieces you might need to sand them down a bit first.  Allow your stain to dry for about an hour (or until you can touch it and your fingers come back clean).

Step Three: Time to hammer those nails in. Now we just freehanded ours while looking at the designs. If you want it to be perfect, print out your design and premark where your nails need to go. Otherwise swing away!

Step Four: After you’ve got your nails all hammered in grab your string and start threading. I found that I liked how it looked when it was doubled up opposed to just a single strand. This step is where you get decide exactly how you want it to look. 

Step Five: Now it’s time to finish it up however you want. Add some paint. Add more string. Leave it alone. Whichever you prefer. I added some paint to mine. My friend added some more string to her’s. It’s your project do as you wish. 

Craftily yours, Jel.


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