Blogmas Day Two

Hello Sweets!

So I’ve already missed a day, but with goodish reason. I went on a date after work yesterday. Kind of felt it’d be a bit rude to say, “Oops, gotta post a blog real quick hang on”. So here it is today! A lovely little post about the craziness that is December.

I’ve now gone from the occasional free day to not enough time to fit all the hours in the day. But God do I ever love it. The Holidays are the one time of year I’m generally okay with that rushed feeling. That feeling of doing something every single second. It’s just nice. I’ll sleep when February hits.
Besides yesterday’s surprise date, I originally hadn’t planned anything this weekend. It was supposed to be a chill family weekend with some decorating thrown in there since the Indiana weather was holding out. But I just can’t say no to a date! Especially around this time of year, they’re just such cozy things. You can watch movies, cuddle or go get hot chocolate and wander around looking at lights. Dates just become more magical this time of year and I’m all about the magic of the season.
So far this week I’ve made plans almost every day. From braving the craziness of the German Christmas Market in Caramel to gift exchange and Christmas lights at the Art Museum. Not to mention I’ll be staying with a friend to help her watch her kids while the hubs is away. So in between all that lovely bits of craziness I’m going to be wrapping gifts, ordering the last of my gifts, and wrapping like a mad woman. Not to mention the baking! I’m trying fudge this year…wish me luck!

Yours lately, Jel.


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