Blogmas Day One

Hello again my dear Sweets!

    I’m back again. And feeling festive!! So I’ve decided to do Blogmas!! Which won’t be an actual recap of my day because I’m boring and work mostly but it’ll be full of fun festive things! Baking, adventures, gifts, advent calendars, and more! I’ve started some new things in my life and that’ll be talked about in a later post but today’s post will be a sorta of break down of some of what I’ve got planned. (I promise this is as boring as the posts get.)

      I’ve got a post planned about advent calendars. With four to share that’ll be a fun one, it’ll go up about day 12 (so that there’s plenty to show). A hot chocolate post! Because it is my favorite wintertime drink and I’ve found yummy new recipes to try. Though my skills are poor, a gift wrapping post because I’m trying some new things. Some lovely decoration focused posts. So far I’ve decorated my room and will do the house this weekend. A few adventurous posts. Like a trip to see the Festival of Trees, a trip to see the gardens lit up, chocolate factory trip, and (hopefully) a trip to the German Christmas Market. A post if Friendsmas, because I love my friends and our shenanigans. A travel post, plane trip and all. And finally the only other one I’ve got planned is a Disney themed one toward the end. 

    So hopefully this will be fun for both you guys and me! Let the countdown begin!

    Yours festively, Jel. 🌲


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