Trees, toast, and giggles

Sunday’s don’t tend to be my favorite day or anyone’s really. But this Sunday will probably be my favorite day this week. It technically started Saturday night with a sleepover and Christmas movies. Two animated favorites and a classic. Which slowly dissolved into dozing off on the couch and being startled awake by a cat’s pounce. 

Sunday morning dawned gray and bitterly cold. Getting dressed happened quickly between the petting of cats. Shortly we headed out and made our way downtown. Of course we then proceeded to venture around and around looking for parking because it was game day. But finally we found a spot and set out to hunt for food. Soon after we sat, warm drinks were ordered and menus poured over in search of food. I ordered french toast that was the best I’d ever had. Smothered in blueberry compote, granola, and strawberries. I’m drooling now just thinking about it.

Next we took the round about route to the Indiana Historical Society. Of course what could have been a small little wander about turned into a rather long, work off breakfast walk. But we got there and it could not have been anymore magical walking in. There were four gorgeous trees just in the room where the reception desk is. Decorated in gorgeous colors. The hallway lead to the main gallery that was filled with trees and a birthday setup for Indiana. We strolled around taking in all the beautifully decorated trees. Each with its own theme. After a difficult elevator trip, in which we ended up on every floor except the one we want. We reached the second and third floors. Each tree more amazing than the last. After it was all said and done we voted for our favorite trees. Which in a few weeks the winner will be revealed and I can’t wait to see it.

To see more trees check out my vlog of the day:


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