Jingle Rails

Yesterday was one of those days that I started out hating and ended up loving with my whole heart. It was a typical Thursday at work maybe just a little slower. I suppose the anticipation of the rest of the day could have made it seem so but the slowness was killing me. Finally two o’clock hit and I was out of there.

The Eiteljorg Musuem’ s holiday exhibit this year was called Jingle Rails. It was filled with trains, National Monuments, and Indiana Monuments. All of the monuments were made out if wood or various tree bits and we’re the coolest things ever (check out the pictures at the end of this to see). They had a mini Old Faithful that steamed and went off just like the actual geyser. Tipis that had fake fires glowing from the inside. Totem poles that were detailed beautifully. My friend and I absolutely loved it and her little boy enjoyed it twice as much as we did. Not to mention it made my heart so happy to see all those trains. It reminded me so much of my great grandpa and I just know he would have loved seeing it.


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