Farmers Market trip

I don’t have a new adventure to share with you today. And my mind can’t decide on sharing an old one or one that’s yet to happen. So it’s a toss up as to whether this will make sense or not (have any of my posts made sense?). 

So I think I’ll share an adventure from this summer. A girls day at the farmers market. Not exactly the most exciting of things but fun all the same. I enjoy simple things like this. Early mornings/afternoons spent with my friends just hanging out and being adults. We don’t always get time to do stuff like that so when a free weekend pops up its always nice to do something like this. It all started with breakfast. And what a feast it was. Waffles, waffles everywhere, I’m drooling now just thinking about it. Then a quick trip around downtown Indy and we reached Garfield park.

It was practically the middle of summer and talk about Indiana putting on a show. Hot, humid, and sunny. Which made it both amazing and miserable to be outdoors wandering around. We visited the various booths buying random goods. Fresh veggies, maple popcorn, tea, coffee, and all kinds of Indy grown/made products. The atmosphere was just friendly and inviting and there wasn’t a person you passed with out some sort of a greeting be offered your way. It was great. Plus the chance to spend time being “grown ups” was just too tempting to annoy. After we filled our bags and were done browsing the booths we made our way onto the gardens. Talk about gorgeous. Flowers in full bloom and amazing colors. Grass that was actually green despite the heat. It was gorgeous, the kind of place you can only dream of getting married. Fountains going and everything. Of course the “Don’t stand on grass” and “Don’t touch the fountain”signs tempting me to be rebellious. All in all it was a fun filled day from beginning to end and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend it.

I also vlogged some of it:


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