Monday Nerd Post: Welcome to Etheria

Hello Adventurers! It’s been a while. We are still playing my dad’s campaign through The Temple of Elemental Evil, but I’ve started writing the next adventure for me to run. It’s called All That Was Lost. I’m going to be doing some small posts about it here and there as I build the world, the back…

A Day to Myself

Normally I am a creature of habit and stepping out of my comfort zone doesn’t come easily to me.

Oh! Hello there!

Welcome back! I am so sorry I’ve been MIA. A lot has been going on. Vacationing happened (I plan on posting about that). School has been happening (I might die). Gen Con happened (hello other post). Not to mention other life things. However, I plan on getting back in the swing of regular(ish) postings. In…


In a moment of free time, we decided to head out.